Monday, July 13, 2009

Taste and Tongues

Taste and Tongues

Methinks I shall have to make two adjustments to my lifestyle.

My wife, ever concerned about my general knowledge and my health, has recently sent me two e-mails with research that may suggest how to stave off dementia. I wondered for a while which was her motive, but since it seems logical to think that if I were sliding into dementia I would be the least likely person to notice, I guess she was passing on the information for my general information. At least I hope so.

The research suggested two ways to postpone the dementia that sometimes comes with advanced age. Not that I am there yet ( I mean advanced in age) but I would like to get there sometime.

It seems one way is to function in several languages.

I definitely have slid back in that respect. In California I used English and Spanish routinely in my everyday life. Here in Seattle there has been little need for Spanish other than the infrequent occasions when a monolingual English-speaking friend who has monolingual Spanish-speaking contacts in Latin America, copies me e-mails to translate or my wife forwards an item from a Spanish-language source on the internet. Even our household use for Spanish as a means for my wife and me to communicate secretly when the kids were present is no longer necessary or effective since they no longer live at home and, as we later discovered, as kids they had long been able to figure out what we used to think was secret communication anyway.

The other preventive mental health measure I need to take is to increase my intake of wine to one glass a day. My current dosage is far less than that, unless beer can be included as part of such a healthy regimen.

Looks like I shall have to add these routines to the pleasantly limited choreography of my current retiree lifestyle.

If only I could recapture those few days when both chores came packaged together on a cruise on which the sommelier giving a course on wine appreciation spoke Spanish and the wine was served at dinner by a Spanish-speaking señorita.

As they toast in Spanish:
¡ Salúd !


Pak Idrus said...

Louis, What state of mind do you have now with all those glasses of wine. You must be a great drinker. Look sober after all those glasses. That mean you are still OK. Not to worry by Dementia.

Take care.


Hi Louis,

Your picture with all that wine glasses is interesting. The only 2 things I know about wine is 1) the older the higher the price 2) different wines have it's own personality.

Anyway ..really love your previous posting about the chuckanut drive ..remind me of my days in Saskatoon ...

louis said...

Idrus, I was quite sober by the time I got off the ship a few days later :)

If indeed I had drunk all those glasses of wine it would mean I already was demented before I undertook such a feat!

I will now add another toast, to the memory of your visit last year. Cheers!

Can't believe a year has passed already.

louis said...


I will pass on to you a third piece of wisdom about wine. This was the summation by the sommelier at the end of his lecture at that wine tasting:

The best wine is that last drop in the bottom of your glass :)

Glad you enjoyed the Chuckanut Drive. What about a post on Saskatoon? It would be interesting to read about it and see some photos.

Ric said...

Ah, dementia! The most terrifying affliction one can imagine. Then thing is, the hints, such as forgetting, which might have nothing to do with it, nevertheless points in that direction and produces dread, mild, for now, anyway. Let us dutifully drink that glass of wine, each day!

louis said...

Red? With a square of dark chocolate (heard that's good too)?

Cheers, Ric!

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