Monday, December 6, 2010


Somewhere down on that beach my granddaughters were surfing on their boogie boards and no doubt planning to return as teenagers to join those people out there on real surfboards waiting to catch a big wave.

My surfing was taking place just a block away on the landward side of this same beach, at the WiFi hotspot outside the Apple store in Waikiki. At the end of the day the girls could show off their new tans. I had my e-mails saved on my iPad. Hey, both activities are "surfing", right?

It's a tourist ritual to hang out at Waikiki Beach to watch the Tropical sunset, all five minutes or so of it. The sun just plummets into the sea on the horizon usually in a spectacular display of color. Visitors from higher northern latitudes, accustomed to the long twilight there cannot help but marvel how there is no long transition from daylight to
nighttime here. Sunset is like throwing a switch, with just that magnificent spark as day and night break contact.

Then the hotels illuminate their palm trees:

And a fire dancer energizes the crowds.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Wow! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii someday! Lucky Louis! Lucky granddaughters! I learned to surf 2 years ago and would love to do it again soon. What a great time you all had!

Pak Zawi said...

This post reminds me of "Beautiful Hawaii" and i bet it is still as beautiful as ever albeit unaffordable for people like me.

Pak Zawi said...

I mean Blue Hawaii.

louis said...

You can surf! Great! I look with some envy as dexterous people surf, skim over the sea on sailboards, schuss down powder snow..the limit of my sports ability was to body surf back in Trinidad and ice-skate a little in Canada.

Imagine the shocking end to our sunny vacation when our plane landed in snow in Seattle on our return! The boogie boards my grands used for surfing in the warm Hawaii waters soon became makeshift toboggans at home.

louis said...


You would have heard that song often enough in the hotel lobby and the restaurants if you had been there with us. And no doubt inspired by it, several times during any day a newly wed Japanese couple dressed in elaborate white Western gown and tuxedo would walk through the lobby to have their wedding picture taken with that Blue Hawaii sea in the background!

Hawaii is indeed expensive but there are some ways to reduce that pain.

Pat said...

Surfing in Hawaii, eh, Louis? We do live dangerously, don't we! Hahahaha!!!


hello louis,

Hawaii Five O (the new series) is one of my favourite tv show at the moment and looking at your photo, it's like looking at you in the Five O setup. Thanks for the photo and I hope you and tour family enjoy the trip ....

Guanaguanare said...

Louis, This made me laugh,

"My surfing was taking place just a block away on the landward side of this same beach, at the WiFi hotspot outside the Apple store in Waikiki.

I need to be somewhere like that in the worst way, but until it happens for me, keep on sharing the beautiful photos, you lucky man! Don't laugh but I clicked and clicked on that fire dancer photo hoping to see a video clip until I realised that it was just an image. Desperate me!

Blessings to you and yours.

louis said...

Yes, Pat, it was awfully dangerous to surf on my iPod Touch out there on the sidewalk :) What has become of me??

louis said...

I haven't seen Hawaii Five O but I bet the stars drive around in a red convertible with the top down. I should have rented one and posted a picture of me with my sunglasses driving down the main drag in Waikiki :)

louis said...

Guanaguanare, my sincere apology for not identifying that still as a still. The thought struck me a little too late, after i had posted it. My intention was really to post a clip of a fire dance that took place every evening after sunset at the hotel. Touristy but fitted in with the Tikki torches and the floodlit coconut palms.

I hope your mood is only winter getting to you with its short cold days. At least there are remedies for that. The early snow that greeted my return from Hawaii instantly deleted all my recollections of that Tropical refuge, but a fire in the fireplace has generated a better attitude to the climate i live with.

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