Friday, January 14, 2011

A Seamless Life

Some months ago my iPad joined the rest of the paraphernalia on the table beside my chair that I use from time to time all through a normal day: current magazines, a book, a cup of tea, a plate with snacks, the odd bill that came in the know the stuff I am talking about. But as I have added more and more apps and discovered more and more of its capabilities, my iPad has been taking over more and more of the functions of those items while enabling new ones such as e-mailing, puzzles, games, voice mail, Netflix movies, photo albums and armchair travel.

This morning as I sat there with the iPad opened like a book on my lap, reading, a little message flashed in the middle of the page. It announced a Skype video call from a sister 3,000 miles away. A touch of a finger tip on the Accept button: no mouse or even trackpad to locate, and her live picture opened up right there in the middle of the page. Didn't have to reach for the phone, no Bluetooth headset in my ear...absolutely seamlessly I chatted with her. When we hung up, also just a tap of a fingertip, I was right back where I had been on my page.

The other day as I read a newspaper on the iPad a reminder from the iPad's calendar to call my bank popped up. I was grumpily about to get up from my chair, hunt my bank statement, look up the bank's phone number and find a phone, and a pencil and piece of paper to make any necessary notes. Then I remembered I could do all of that right there on the iPad. In fact I didn't even have to use a phone at all. In less time than it would have taken just to listen to the bank's phone system's voice menu, I had done my business, no lingering frustration of having had to wait interminably for a representative to take my call, as always happens, no annoying paper note to lose. And I continued right where I had left on my newspaper, a happier man, with more time for my tea and more time to exercise. Well, at least to keep checking Google for the research that one day will assure me that all that concern about exercise wasn't necessary after all, just as I thought.

No wires to trip over, no attachments, not even the necessity to find a table to rest a hot laptop. No tv remote.

Ahhh! The Seamless Life has arrived!


Pak Idrus said...

Louis, thanks for narrating that beautiful parts of your living experience with the help of the latest technology the iPad.

I guessed we are one of the luckiest generation since we came almost from the cave and walk through all the achievements in science and technology, the phone, the radio, the TV and now those numerous electronic gadgets that has added value to us human being to communicate like never before. And I believe it has became an extension of ourselves and we could no longer live without it. Well enjoy the day Louis.

I am enjoying my new found e book the Kindle, which give me the pleasure of reading any books at just a press of a button.

Have a nice day.

Pak Zawi said...

Now I understand why people are crazy about the iPad.

louis said...


Since I come from even farther back in the cave than you (electric lighting was primitive when I came on the scene) you can imagine how fascinating a device like the Kindle or the iPad seems to me. I already am at a point where I feel some anxiety if I am not in range of a hotspot or if I don't have my pocket version of my iPad, my iPod Touch, with me when I get in the car. I can function without them of course but doing anything then seems so inefficient. Moreover I think I would lose a lot of face with my granddaughters who are way ahead of me in the digital world.

louis said...

Yes, Zawi, this iPad just grows on you. Seems there is no limit to it's functionality and convenience.

By the way, are you still taking a break from your blog, or have I been missing out on your more recent posts?

Pat said...

Hi Louis,

I think Idrus makes a good point about our generation. We are indeed lucky.

About the rest of your post: I am so jealous, I am not going to say anything to you at all!

louis said...


I wonder at which end of that generational timeline the jealousy really belongs?

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear Louis,
I would like an iPad that could also double as a Roomba/Scooba to clean my floor, take my animals for a walk when I am late in coming home from work, make me a cup of 'teh tarik' in the afternoons and function as a burglar alarm when the said function is activated.

It may sound like science fiction now, but hey, domestic robots, video conferencing and the internet used to be the stuff of science fiction too.

Nothing is impossible anymore.

And yes, like Pat, I admire your lifestyle.

louis said...

The the tarik may be a problem, but those other functionalities are on the way :)

ric hernandez said...

At the Apple store in Fashion Valley, San Diego, I took the first, tentative step: I bought a manual for the iPad so that,gradually, I might be able, one day, to sneak up upon it!
Yours is a reassuring post.

louis said...

Did you also try out an actual iPad at the store?

Getting the manual is a significant step, and I am sure you will find many uses for your iPad should you get one.

However that manual doesn't reflect the simplicity and intuitiveness of the iPad, might even discourage a potential buyer. Once you sync the iPad to your computer to set it up you can really use many of its most useful functions without ever consulting the manual.

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